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Guy Joseph’s Operation Retrieve Containers

The row over the reconstruction of the St. Jude Hospital has reached a fever pitch.
On Thursday, economic development minister guy joseph along with officials of the customs & excise department, police officers, and individuals overseeing the project converged on a number of purported storage sites related to construction of the medical facility.

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  1. This Guy believes that he could out-smart everybody. All this noise is simply a distraction for ppl to stop focussing on the $980,000.00 audit at St. Jude Hospital. There is a Government Audit Department that could have undertaken this audit at no additional cost to the government. This is the same auditor that was given a $1,000,000.00 contract by the same Minister to assess damage to bridges after Hurricane Thomas. None of the many engineers at the Ministry at that time were used. He is bleeding SLU in broad day light.

    • I remember N.C.A. Scandal when operatives were giving employees of NCA six months advance salaries and conveniently forgetting and paying them again.
      CHARLO was paying his employees at his restaurant on Chaussee road with govt cheques, SO LABOUR SUPPORTER DONT CRY CAUSE YOUR PARTY HAVE SET PRECEDENCE IN ALL THOSE AREAS.

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