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Acting Prime Minister Guy Joseph

Guy Joseph ‘appalled’ at ‘coolie man’ platform remarks during St. Jude protest march

Minister for Economic Development and Acting Prime Minister Guy Joseph has hit back at derogatory platform comments made during a protest march in Vieux-Fort that was coordinated by the Opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party [SLP].

On November 26, the SLP led what the Party described as a national demonstration against government plans for alternative uses for the long-delayed St. Jude Hospital.

Speaking at a weekly press briefing on November 27, the Acting Prime Minister appeared to single out Julius James, one of the leaders of the local civil group known as the Vieux-Fort Coalition of Concerned Citizens for Change [VF4Cs] and SLP Senator Guibion Ferdinand. Ferdinand has been charged by the Economic Development Minister of spewing racial slurs during his platform speech when he allegedly referred to Joseph as a ‘coolie man’.

Minister Joseph told reporters that he was appalled at the racial taunts and accused Opposition MPs of having double standards – from Parliament discourse to platform rhetoric.

The Minister said the alleged racial abuse has struck a chord with the local Indian community. The Minister said he will continue to resist engaging in what he described as personal attacks whether in Parliament or on the stump. [Watch video]


A previous version of this report mistakenly mentioned Mr. Julius James as the individual who allegedly made the ‘coolie man’ remarks. HTS News4orce has verified and corrected the article.  

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  1. Don’t worry about Julius James Kenny had kick his behind out he went back and kiss it so he singing for his supper now.

  2. Man ur a damn coolie….deal with it
    Its when they call you a thief u should be appalling

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