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Gunmen Fatally Shoot Vieux Fort Man

Christopher Row Street in Vieux Fort was the scene of a fatal shootings on May 16th.
25-year-old Dwight Amos Mcfarlane was cut-down by gunmen.

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  1. I Think we should keep our young people busy education voluntary jobs becoming part of the British army

  2. ISIS see`s me later as I’m waiting they decision

    • its sad why is there always gun crime because of drugs to much f*&king drugs destroy a country and 49% percent unemployment come on people take hold of your children

    • I came to understand that Christ is coming soon from a old friend of mine
      just to let you know that the churches are crying out for souls in a time went unemployment is at a record high of 49% and the banana do not worth anything to the British empire anymore we have being bought and sold many times please do not forget that the church GOD house need people to fill the empty chairs and benches
      Also remember that Christ die on the cross for our sins

    • Me and lovely wife from wales was planning to come to st Lucia
      well she change her mind this morning oh honey yes darling I was thinking we should change destination why baby another one, what another one ok so where shall we Go France or Spain OK Spain

    • I am planning on becoming your next prime minster here is what we going to do and how we going to do things no more of the old system of doing things
      we shall have a stronger link with north Korea the country of kim joung un
      that way there will be more discipline and everyone with guns will become part of the Peoples army of the republic of st Lucia.
      have a think about this the name of my party will be call the party of the poor man for the poor man I will see to that every one get free box of quake of oats to start with

      Have a bless week from

      your chairman

      Rich Tea

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