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Grand Theft Auto Victim Recovers Stolen Car

An Entrepot man is counting his blessings following an alleged armed robbery incident. Police confirmed receiving a report of a suspected holdup along the Vigie beach coastline between 7 pm and 8 pm on June 21st.

The victim told investigators the masked assailants, armed with a firearm, forced him out of his parked vehicle, bounded him and robbed him of various personal items including his shoes. The bandits also reportedly made off with the vehicle.

Multiple social media alerts may have led to the sighting of the stolen vehicle, which was parked in Cedars, Castries. A unit in the Criminal Investigations Department of the police force responded to the tip and secured the vehicle at approximately 11:30 pm.

Both front and rear license plates on the vehicle were missing. Police released the care to the owner after processing the crime scene.  The victim’s stolen shoes were also recovered.


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