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Goodlands Home Demolished By Court Order

Emotions flared on Wednesday during a standoff between Goodlands residents and a construction crew assigned to demolish an illegally erected dwelling house.
At least three summons requiring the Goodlands resident to desist from building on the property were ignored – resulting in the court ordered demolition.

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  1. RoseMary p. Alexander

    So what is going to happen to the gentleman whose house demolished by Guest Industries.
    Why all the land up in Goodlands are own by Guest?
    Why this guy thinks he can bully everyone about land. How much of it we take with us when we die? Its a dam shame

  2. Sad, sad, sad state of affairs. Is this the direction we want St. Lucia to be heading to. Heartless people! Am I to believe that the authorities could not come up with no other solution? This island is really messed up.

    • Times have changed we cannot continue to live in a society without laws. For too long people have been ignoring court orders and other lawful directions. For example, all these unplanned building must be stopped.

  3. So sad y ppl are wicked in this world

    • It wickedness because he lost his belongings. What about his disregard for other people’s property and his blatant disregard to the court warnings? Stop being sympathetic and be more realistic. I most definitely agree with Jake and Paul.

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