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Francis Vows Transparency In Cop Shooting Probe

National Security Minister Hermangild Francis says ‘mistakes of the past won’t be made’ as investigations into the January 8th police homicide of 39-year-old Yves Rene get underway. Chesterfield has revealed that the office of the director of public prosecutions has joined the investigations.

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  1. Fleeing the scene is not an excuse to be shot. I swear some of those police officers are just bullies. Stlucia needs justice. Fair helen has become a rogue state. Politicians brought this mess to our paradise. White collar crime is rife. Former ministers of government involve in all sorts of nonsense. Never to be prosecuted. The police has been murdering people for years. So many unsolved murders. Police become judge anf jury as well. We have almost become a failed state. Such a shame. Nobody follows the rule of law. Thought our constitution was sacred but politicians spit on it daily. Oh lord put a hand

  2. Justice need to be serve no matter who

    Really transperancy. Where in the world I there a law that of a person run from an officer that u .ca shoot to kill. Did they have wArrant out for him or a search warrant to just stop and search him since he was by the bus stop with others. This is pure shit with that report. That’s cold blooded murder. I understand the police force will stand by their own but I’m what manner? To cover the stupidness or interfere in the investigation after all dead man tells no tales

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