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Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

Former PM urges DCA to halt stadium repairs


The Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, says he is deeply disturbed by the events unfolding at the St Jude Hospital located at the George Odlum Stadium.

Over the past two weeks, there has been ongoing works to remove and replace the roofs of the stadium.

According to Dr. Anthony,

“I have been briefed on the ill-health experienced by medical staff and patients at the institution. A number of doctors and nurses have become ill following contact with material contained in the old roof, and have had serious allergic reactions, warranting sick leave. Despite this, the Government has not called a stop to the ongoing works.”

The Parliamentary Representative says that he is aware that formal complaints were made by the staff of St Jude Hospital and the Labour Department had to intervene to compel the Government to address the issues.

However, says Dr. Anthony,

“The attitude and behavior of this Government stinks. It has now been discovered that no approvals were granted by the Development Control Authority to undertake the replacement of the roofs of the stadium.

It is ironic that Guy Joseph, the Minister of Economic Development who frequently justified the stoppage of work on the original St Jude project and indeed, other projects initiated by the former SLP Government on the ground that that the planning approval processes were incomplete, should now embark on replacing the roofs of the stadium without planning approval.

What is worse is that the Government displays total contempt for the staff and employees of the hospital. This Government operates with impunity, disdain and disregard for the citizens of this country.This is unacceptable.”

According to Dr. Anthony,

“While the repairs to the stadium may be necessary at this time, I believe the existing works should be stopped, at least temporarily, to allow for environmental and health safeguards to be put into effect to protect doctors, health care providers, patients and residents of the Vieux Fort community, particularly those who live in close proximity to the stadium. The government should have had the decency to inform all concerned of the impending works and the likely implications.

I urge the Development Control Authority to enforce the stop order until the issues surrounding the existing works are fully resolved.”

Dr Anthony added that he intends to monitor the situation very closely to protect health care workers at St Jude’s and his constituents.

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  1. The Asbestos in the roofing system must be removed as soon as possible and it is the
    presence of that material that has been causing the unhealthy reaction to people, not
    the work to remove the problem. The work must go on, and to be replaced with proper
    material. Cut out the politics and stop making an ass of yourselves.

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