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First Time Visitors Robbed Within Hours of Arriving

Two first time visitors to Saint Lucia were allegedly robbed within hours of arriving on May 5th.

The robbery victims are two friends and university students. The first-time visitors to Saint Lucia asked to remain anonymous. 

Anthony Walcott, accommodations provider

The two were lodged a local villa in Castries. Anthony Walcott is the accommodations provider who booked their trip to Saint Lucia.

“It’s really disappointing and disheartening for small accommodation providers in Saint Lucia who have guests pay money to come to Saint Lucia and you have these kinds of experiences.”

On May 6th, Walcott explained to HTS News4orce, that the guests were taken to the George F.L Charles Airport for the purpose of exchanging foreign currency.

The two guests and Walcott would spend time at a nearby bar along Vigie Beach before returning to their villas. They claim four laptop computers, two cameras, two cell phones and go pro cameras were stolen from their room. The items were stored in separate backpacks.

The robbery victims estimate the cost of the stolen items in the thousands. The tourists being students are desperate to retrieved school related information stored on their computers. Listen below.

They are offering a $1000 reward for the return of their items.

“Please help us to get our stuff back. Its just the items at the end of the day but, to us it means alot more.”

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