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Farewell Aunty Flora Marie Cenac

PRESS RELEASE:-“Behind every successful man is a good woman” may well be the most used of the adages but for more than five decades Flora Marie Cenac nee Jn. Baptiste epitomized this. And she did so with such quiet dignity that it was easy to overlook her immense contribution.

A deeply religious woman of the Catholic faith from her early years, Aunty Flora as she was best known, treated everyone with kindness and a sense of caring which made her almost universally loved. Even her plants were not spared her attention and it was not unusual to hear her whispering loving words to her plants.

When in 1952 she took her vows of marriage with a young Winston Cenac she could not have imagined how tested her resolve would have been. Aunty Flora saw marriage not simply as a union between a man and woman but instead as a union between two spirits.

Still she would have been among the most shocked of individuals when in 1979, her husband decided to contest the Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques constituency on behalf of the Saint Lucia Labour Party. Though she was never enamored with political life, the dutiful wife not only supported her husband’s candidacy but more than this she immersed herself in his campaign in a way few of her friends could have imagined. Indeed, it was not unusual to have seen her actively campaigning for her husband who eventually emerged victorious.

Before Aunty Flora could have resettled into her quiet life, following the election, a split in the Labour Party government would thrust her even more into the limelight, a limelight she neither sought nor welcomed, when following the resignation of Prime Minister Allen Louisy, her husband Winston was sworn in as Prime Minister and head of a fractured government. It is doubtful that Winston Cenac could have survived the succeeding months without Aunty Flora’s calm assurance and constant love. Even as all those around her were losing their heads Aunty Flora remained calm and serene throughout. The Saint Lucia Labour party has no doubt that when the history of these turbulent times are eventually properly documented aunty Flora will emerge as one of the period’s unsung heroes.

Predeceased by her husband, Aunty Flora remained a constant source of love to her family and friends for the next decade until her passing on earlier in the week at the ripe age of 92. On behalf of a grateful Party, we extend deepest condolences to her family, immediate and extended, and to her close friends who will all miss her.

The Labour Party has lost a great friend.


May she rest in peace.

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