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External Affairs Minister Touts Family Values

Saint Lucia was one of three members of the organisation of American states (OAS) which last week, chose not to support a resolution condemning violence against members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or intersex (LGBTQI) community.
Every year since 2008, the resolution has been put before the general assembly of the hemispheric body.
This year, Saint Lucia stood against it.

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  1. St Lucia is also a Catholic family and in accordance with Papa Francisco’s message during his U.S visit where he mentioned that the prophecy for the US… a nation which st lucia so emphatically apes…..Papa Francisco stated that the prophecy for the US was The Strengthening Of The Family.Therefore that is the message from God via His messsanger the Vatican which Papa Francisco heads as chief prophet/diviner.In other words democracy is rooted in strong family values.And st lucia is democratic a well as Catholic..err that is if we continue to be good apes.
    But seriously,that is the prophecy and the main root for the sustaining of democracy.

  2. If you embrace human rights then how can the rights of (LGBTQI) community sit outside human rights? LGBTQ did not evolve from social eggs but from families. You purport to protect family values yet will not condemn violence against family members who are LGBTQ. Your words are vacuous and you have made St Lucia appear morally shallow. It would have been better if you had stayed at home.

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