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Jimmy Henry, Minister in the Min. of Agriculture

Ex-Gov’t Minister / Talk-show Host claims Cabinet Shake-Up Imminent, Agriculture Minister to Resign

Richard Frederick, ex-Gov’t Minister / Talk show host

Political commentator and talk show host Richard Frederick, during his weekly talk-show alluded to a potential shake-up in the Allen Chastanet led Cabinet of Ministers. Frederick, a former government Minister and ex-Cabinet colleague of at least six incumbent Ministers claim the Prime Minister’s Cabinet will be reduced by one.

Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture Jimmy Henry according to Frederick, is expected to tender his resignation by July 7th2017.

The first time Minister and defeated Dennery North United Workers Party [UWP] Candidate Frederick alleges, was intercepted at the George F.L Charles Airport and searched by authorities who were acting on special intelligence. An undisclosed sum of money was allegedly found in the

Jimmy Henry, Minister in the Min. of Agriculture

Agriculture Minister’s possession.

It was not suggested by Frederick that the Agriculture Minister was detained.

Attempts to reach Mr. Jimmy Henry for comment have not been successful. Richard Frederick claims the airport investigation could be linked to Henry’s seemingly abrupt resignation, if the allegations can be substantiated.  

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  1. This is really nasty of our politicians here and also persons of the well-to-do class. They always think themselves as above the Law or that they cannot/should not be challenged. What commonsense is there in a Minister of Government attempting to travel with that kind of loose money? While I am on the arrogancy topic, and with utmost respect, even former minister himself, Mr. Richard Frederick, he was relating on his talk show to an incident where police challenged him in the course of their duty, and in his response on the programme, he came across to me as a bit arrogant, for he felt that the Police should not challenge him. People who get into power or authority or top positions in (small)St Lucia have to stop acting or even thinking that the country belongs to them and their small remote cliques. If Minister Jimmy Henry dared to do that, it must have been out of arrogance. This is my opinion. I stand corrected if needs be.

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