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EU Ambassadors Assured of ‘Due Process’ in Pending IMPACS Investigation

A delegation of Ambassadors from the European Union [EU] is in Saint Lucia meeting with government officials for discussions on various bilateral interests.

The condition of Saint Lucia’s criminal justice system topped the agenda. Saint Lucia’s Acting Director of Public Prosecution Daarsrean Greene, reportedly the EU Delegation offered insight on the status of the pending CARICOM IMPACS report.

Compiled in 2014/2015, the IMPACS report reportedly probed the 2010/11 police led anti-crime campaign dubbed ‘operation restore confidence’ [ORC] during which 12 criminal suspects were killed.

ORC led to the imposition sanctions on the Saint Lucia police force by the United States government. On June 13th, EU Ambassador Daniela Thramacere re-emphasized “interest” in seeing the Saint Lucian government ensures that due process is carried out. Watch video.

The EU Delegation previously visited Saint Lucia in 2015, sending a strong message to the government to provide the necessary resources to resolve the fallout from ORC and unresolved police killings – considered human rights violations by some foreign governments including the U.S.

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