Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hialire


Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hialire has scoffed at Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s announcement of an active investigation into his conduct during his previous tenure as Saint Lucia’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

In a March 28th retort, Dr. Hilaire asserted that the government’s probe is an attempt to deflect attention from the Allen Chastanet Cabinet.

Last week, Prime Minister Chastanet declared in Parliament, that the ‘relevant authorities’ have been furnished with the information to pursue investigations.

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  1. Can someone from the media play the clip the night of elections when Ernest was being interviewed after his party lost the election, I can remember he was in shock that his party lost after spending so much money campaigning.

    Ernest you are a disgrace to St. Lucians and what makes it worst is the fact that you pretend to be innocent to fact that you and the SLP government made such a f……..y with the Walid thing and today you still stand in the eyes of so many St. Lucians and continue to pretend that you and the SLP government did wrong when it is plain to see for the average Lucian that you sold St. Lucia dirt cheap with no respect. You are a hypocrite, liar and a disgrace. You bought Walid to St. Lucia government, you are the corrupt mind behind this whole thing and to come out in public and pretend………. you are sick, you actions clearly should have no future in the business of the affairs of St. Lucia. You think you so smart you say the Prime Minister is doing exactly what you’re doing, smh, you have no shame.

    I pray for your salvation.

  2. Of course he is unfazed. Politicians have thick skins until you lock the prison doors behind them. All these years and money he spent in London as Ambassador and all he brought was Jufali for the Labour Party. Typical Labour: hot air and wasters of taxpayers money. Lot of big talk and no economic growth or development while they get fat and rich and retire.
    His party spent 14 years in powers with the economic growth of less than 1% every year and $2 billion in debt for the taxpayer to pay.

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