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Emancipation Observance Continues in Vieux Fort North

The community of Pierrot in Vieux Fort North will continue the observance of Emancipation with the hosting of the second annual night of Dance and Traditional Cultural Games called ‘’Swawi Jwe” (Night of Games).  The event which will take place this Friday at the Pierrot Parish Hall from 7 30pm, has been organized by the Parliamentary Office in collaboration with the Positive Youth Uprising youth group from Pierrot . It follows an evening of drumming on Emancipation night, which was organized by the groups Avot Sevis of Belle Vue and Soufriere Action Theatre.

The Night of Dance and Traditional Games will take the form of teaching /learning sessions. Older folk from the community will teach participants the patterns and meaning of dances and games that were reserved for wakes and burials in times past. The MP states that while these traditional dances and games are fading, communities like Vieux Fort North are making a special effort to ensure that the patterns, games and dances, still flourish. There are many lessons of human cooperation and peace which can be learnt by all, through the use of our traditional cultural activities.

According to Parliamentary Representative Hon. Moses Musa Jn. Baptiste, the evening of Dance and Games is critical to efforts throughout Vieux Fort North , to create community cohesion, to foster a greater understanding of the dynamics of the communities and to help people value and respect  each other.

The evening will be coordinated by experienced community and cultural animators from the Tanbou Mele drumming and Popular Theatre group and two elderly people from Pierrot. Participants will also be treated to Saint Lucias age old specialty of “Dumplings and Cacao Tea”. The activity begins at 7 30pm at the Pierrot Parish Hall.

Moses Jn. Baptiste

Parliamentary Representative

Vieux Fort North

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