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Economic Development Before Snakes and Lizards

Economic Development Minister and Member of Parliament for Castries South East Guy Joseph, reaffirmed his economic priorities for Saint Lucia at the first United Workers Party [UWP] public rally on May 17th, since taking Office last June.

Despite environmental and, conservation concern over the protected Maria Islands and the endemic species there, Joseph has touted the Desert Star Holding [DSH] Agreement with the government of Saint Lucia as transformational for Vieux-Fort. According to the Economic Development Minister, endemic wildlife should not supersede opportunity for economic development. Guy Joseph addressed UWP supporters and members of the so called Vieux-Fort Coalition of Stakeholders for Development in Vieux-Fort town. Listen below.

DSH led by Chairman Teo Ah Khing, revealed reclamation plans to construct a man-made causeway to the Maria Islands dubbed the ‘southern causeway’.  An initial DSH causeway proposal directly linked the mainland to the Maria Islands.

Proposed Southern Causeway to Maria Islands


Chief conservation authority, the Saint Lucia National Trust [SLNT] and other NGOs and civil society agencies have raised objection citing a potential threat to rare flora and fauna on the Maria Islands.

The first ‘southern causeway’ plan has apparently been scrapped for a new proposal that stops short approximately 200 – 300 metres from the protected Maria Islands.

Redesigned DSH southern causeway

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