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We want to know:

Should the ambulance service demand an upfront payment for transporting persons to hospitals in non-emergency cases?

Voting is easy! Just log on to HTSSTLUCIA.ORG or Facebook at HTS ST. LUCIA OFFICIAL and vote! You can also send your response via text or whatsapp to 584-4HTS. That’s (584-4487).
For FLOW handset owners, here’s a reminder of your special voting platform.
From your FLOW handset, text your e-poll response to 487
1 – Yes
2 – No
3 – No comment
4 – I don’t know

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  1. Apologies for not addressing you by your name, but I couldn’t locate it in the Company Profile and I can’t make it out when you speak it on the news reports as your accent is a bit difficult for me. I was mortified by your coverage after the unveiling of the statue in Soufriere. You blocked a woman who was giving a joyous expression about the occasion and those who helped make it happen. Your question to the mayor was horribly worded as you said the people as depicted in the statue were people before they were slaves. Excuse me, they were people while they were slaves and they endured untold horrors the likes of which you will never know and they deserve your utmost respect for enduring the horrors of slavery. It seems to me you may be a bit immature for the position and certainly a bit green for such an important assignment. I hope you grow into the position and certainly learn to choose your words more wisely.

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