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Dr. Augier Calls For Government Consultation

Independent senator Dr. Adrian Augier says government must observe principles of governance and seek public feed-back on any initiative that involves the sale or transfer of national assets.
The economist made his senate contribution to debate on the 2017 budget on Thursday.
It was a presentation that focused on policy issues, good governance and the business of investment.

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  1. Wow Wow Wow! Only now Adrian sees the need for consultation? Where was he when his friends formed the government? Of course he was part of the ruling class enjoying the spoil. He was in their bosom so there was no need for consultation. He was part of the privileged class. Members considered themselves indispensable, lining their pockets with State goods, receiving honorary mentioned too. The electorate, by exercising their franchise, put the stop therefore he is now calling for consultation. Undoubtedly he is missing the privileges and the honor. He is demonstrating the typical attitude and behavior of the neveau rich in St.Lucia..

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