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Crime scene investigators combed for evidence at the double homicide scene in Vieux-Fort

Double Homicide Caps Off 2017, Old Years Night Shooting Leaves Two Dead

Old Years night took a bloody turn as homicide detectives mounted an investigation into a double homicide.

Coroners conveyed the second shooting victim to the morgue.

The Criminal Investigations Department south responded to what first responders of the Fire Department initially thought was a vehicular accident along the St. Jude Highway in Vieux-Fort shortly after 10 pm December 31.

Investigators would discover an unconscious man with apparent gunshot wounds, slumped over in the driver side of a rented Honda CRV Registration# PK 437.

The wounded man was later pronounced dead at the nearby St. Jude Hospital.

Another body was discovered meters away sprawled out in a driveway. The second body had also been inflicted with apparent gunshot injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene by officials.

An undisclosed sum of foreign currency and a gun was found in the vehicle. The identities of the shooting victims have not been released.

The 2017 homicide count was capped off at 60 following the shooting deaths of the two foreign nationals.

Two people are assisting with the Old Years night Vieux-Fort double homicide.

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    “The identities of the shooting victims …”??? HTS REPORTER?? You could do better than this!! This is plain BAD GRAMMAR!!! “shooting victims”?? Just try to visualise that!! On the whole, the article is very badly written; no past tenses, too many adjectives …

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