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Donated defibrillators for two district hospitals

[Press Release] Two district hospitals in Saint Lucia received technological gifts from foreign donors which is expected ​​​​​​​​to improving health services on island.

On Thursday May 3rd, 2018, the Ministry of Health and Wellness received two defibrillators from Canadian counterparts at a ceremony hosted at the Dennery Hospital. District Medical Officer, Dr. Aaron Adjodha described the necessity and functions of the equipment.

“Your pulse is normally regular, but there are times in life when patients would come in, and the pulse would be irregular and it would also be at a very rapid pace, and that is when we get the situation where we get persons in cardiac arrest, and what we need to have in this situation, is a defibrillator. So a defibrillator basically, is an equipment that shocks the heart, it gives a brief electric shock, as if it to say to the heart ‘Let us start over; all of these issues that you are having- this irregular heartbeat, and this fast heartbeat, I need to jump start the heart so that it can start normal”.

Yolanda Alcindor, Representative of St. Lucia Nurses Association welcomed the gesture.

“In 2017 during the observation of Nurses Week when our president, Nurse Alicia Baptiste was asked ‘what does the association need?’ her response was ‘defibrillators for the two district hospitals; Dennery hospital, and Soufriere hospital respectively’. Today we are fortunate to have received two defibrillators, after Mrs. Raquel Chastanet Foundation contacted Ms. Cheryl Francis, Consulate General of Saint Lucia in Canada, who began the process. We therefore recognize Saint Lucia Cultural Association in Calgary and Superior Medical Supplies in Toronto for responding to our needs.”

Sen. the Hon. Mary Isaac extended heartfelt thanks to the donors.

“I am very pleased and honored to be here to receive the defibrillators and I want to say thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts if I can represent on behalf of the people and government of Saint Lucia, to our ambassador to Toronto Canada and people of Calgary who graciously donated these two pieces of instruments to us here that we are going to make full use of. I am assured of that because of the number of heart attacks we have been having lately”.

The two machines are regarded as ‘life saving’ equipment by local health officials. The minister added that the Government welcomes any level of support and assistance from other entities which will aid in boosting health services.

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