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Urias Dwight Compton, 42, of Corinth, Gros Islet succumbed to gunshot wounds on Sept 6

Dominoes Pizza Robbery Attempt Leaves One Person Nursing Gunshot Wounds

Two suspected bandits are reported to have made an attempt to hold up a popular pizza delivery business on September 5.

Sometime after 8 pm Tuesday, the two armed suspects stormed the business located in a typically busy commercial building at Choc Estate, Castries and allegedly demanded cash. 

Reports suggests security personnel intervened and in the process an undisclosed number of gunshots was discharged hitting one guard multiple times.

The Major Crimes unit is actively investigating the matter. 



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  1. St. Lucia is become more and more unsafe due to the high unemployment and the corruption that is happening at Government Level. With an Island of only 180k population is quite an embarrassment, once Toyota and Nissan combine had a work force more elaborate than the Island Population and yet not one car was stolen or lost needless to say a life. Shame on the political and social welfare to teach their people about moral – basic things can make such a huge difference. They are more to come at the incompetence of the politicians

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