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Director discusses GIS’ future

GIS:-GIS intends to broaden the content it delivers.

The new Director of Information Services at the Government Information Service (GIS) recently shed light on his future vision for the GIS.

Clement Wulf-Soulage became Director of Information Services (DIS) at the institution in March. The DIS states that in moving forward the GIS intends to broaden the content it delivers.

“We, at the GIS, are pursuing a concept of “broader casting” as opposed to broadcasting where we are trying to move away from the nationalistic form of reporting and focus more on the region and international issues. GIS in the past has not been truly national with most things being orchestrated around Castries and Gros Islet. Now, the broader objevtive is to give more coverage to towns and cities, interviewing leaders and exposing the country to the initiatives going on within those smaller towns and cities across the island. We will soon start a program called Community Outreach, where we will be going to these towns and cities, talking to their leaders, and showing the kind of infrastructural developments taking place within those communities.”

Mr. Soulage added that the GIS will be honing in on the different government departments so as to meet the desire of the citizenry and get the information needed and sought after by the public.

“The staff of the GIS will immerse themselves within the various ministries where they will be close to stories, so that the government does not have to come to the GIS, but the GIS will come to the government.”

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