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Decision on RSL Fate Expected Today

Staff of the embattled state-run public broadcast station, Radio Saint Lucia [RSL] could learn their fate today [July 31st]. Broadcast Minister Dominic Fedee previously informed the media that the anticipated decision is expected to be made public.

[RSL] employees first met with their labor bargaining unit- the Civil Service Association [CSA] on January 20th in an attempt to alleviate concerns and assure them of a diligent pursuit to get answers on the fate of the storied, state-run entity.

Since the Allen Chastanet led Administration assumed Office, last June – long running statutory boards have been under review. Prime Minister Chastanet has made clear his government’s intention to streamline and in some cases dismantle unprofitable government entities.

RSL’s fiscal viability is under scrutiny and the station is rumored to have racked up millions in debt although, former management has argued otherwise.

President of the Civil Service Association [CSA] Yvonne Edwin has lamented what the union says is the lack of response from the government and Broadcast Minister Dominic Fedee over the fate of [RSL].

RSL, after more than 50 years of public broadcasting, according to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet “…is finished…”.In June, Broadcast Minister Fedee publicly informed the public that RSL will be liquidated and shutdown with July 31st set as the deadline for the decision.

The CSA is the labor bargaining agent for RSL employees. CSA President Edwin told HTS News4orce attempts at dialogue with the Broadcast Minister have been unsuccessful thus far.

The CSA has little influence on RSL’s fate. An RSL shutdown or private sector overhaul is not being ruled out. Chief among the CSA concerns is ensuring its members employed at RSL are assured their respective severance packages.

About 20 RSL employees could be on the breadline if a decision to close down the station is taken.

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