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Daren Sammy Cricket Academy To Expand To Region

The Daren Sammy Cricket Academy has its sights set on expanding into the region, it has been announced.

“There is so much more I envision and as you heard, we are looking to take the academy to the region,” Sammy himself stated at his brand launch Wednesday night at the Landings resort.

He told the ceremony that the second year of the Digicel Daren Sammy Cricket Academy had concluded, where the best 19 under 15 cricketers on Island experienced what it takes to become a professional.

“This project is very dear to me because it helps develop the future champions but also it allows me to repay the kids for what was done to me as a kid,” the Saint Lucia cricketing legend explained.

He observed that the Daren Sammy Foundation was launched in 2016 and has given away over 45 scholarships to children from low income families across Saint Lucia.

“I strongly believe in the power of education. We all know the saying – ‘Knowledge is power’ hence I am so excited about this next chapter. I know it will enable  me to do more for the underprivileged families,” Sammy explained.

He asserted that he believes the brand ‘Daren Sammy’,would  empower young people not only in Saint Lucia but across the globe, bringing out  the passion, power and  pleasure in them.

“Becoming a leading brand in the world is at the forefront of my mind – being able to create opportunities for growth and development of young people through the success of brand Daren Sammy will be my driving force,” Sammy said.

Among the people he paid tribute to were his parents.

“The constant lessons and lectures of being respectable, lovable, humble forgiving and being happy is why I am who I am today,” Sammy explained.

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