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Cycling Training Program for cyclists 14 years and under

St. Lucia Cycling Association will be hosting a Skills training program for cyclists 14 years and under starting from Sunday March 25th at the Perimeter road of the Derek Walcott Square. The session will start from 2.30 and end at 5.30 pm and will continue for the 7 following Sundays to complete 8 sessions.


March 25th

April 1st 15th, 22nd , and 29th 20018

May 13th and 20th and 27th 2018

The training will cover the following among other.

Session 1

Bike , Check, Mount and dismount, Group skills, Straight line and Bike Safety

Session 2

Warm up, standing and seating to pedal, balance, scanning to the rear, slow riding, brakes and braking

Session 3

Riding one handed, looking behind, maneuvering, cornering, lubrication of equipment.

Session 4

Gears and gearing, how gears work, how to change gears, gear selection and road rules

Session 5

Puncture repair, group comfort, wheel following, taking turn, double file and single file paceline

Session 6

Road rules, Mini Tour, group riding, hill climbing,

Session 8

Bike size, shoes, helmets etc.

For further information please contact Cyril Mangal at 7217756, email cyrilmangal@hotmail.com or Clivus Jules at 7248449.

Parents are invited to bring their kids to participate and learn the necessary skills to use their bikes in a safe and enjoyable manner. The roads will be closed for this activity.

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