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Minister for Local Government and Culture Sen. Fortuna Belrose

Culture Ministry Readies for Carnival

The Local Government and Culture Ministry led by Senator Fortuna Belrose is reading for a “satisfactory” carnival season. The government has allocated a reported EC $3 million dollars for Saint Lucia carnival 2017.

The Carnival Management Committee [CMC] with support from the Cultural Development Foundation [CDF] was previously tasked with producing Saint Lucia Carnival. With the establishment of the Events Company of Saint Lucia in 2017 most of the responsibility will be divested.

Culture Minister Belrose told the press on May 26th, the official calendar of events for Saint Lucia Carnival 2017 will be unveiled by the end of the first week of June.

Meanwhile, the calypso season has gotten underway after launching on May 28th. The Saint Lucia Association of Registered Tents [START] manages local calypso tent concerts. Artist Representing Themselves [ART] and, the Calypso Association oversee the interests of calypso artists.

According to the Culture Minister, local calypsonians needs to “take responsibility for their organizations”.

“We know that the calypso is taking a different twist, what we would want as a government is to

Minister for Local Government and Culture Sen. Fortuna Belrose

ensure that the calypsonians themselves begin to take responsibility for their own organizations so that they calypsonians can be better off. I know forty years ago we had the delivery of good calypsos and good calypso events we want to be able to get to a point where we can realize that with calypsonians leading the way of their organization.”

Carnival will be marketed under the newly established Soleil Saint Lucia Summer Festival [SSLSF]. Soleil carnival is earmarked for July with the conventional parade of the bands, two day climax scheduled for July 17th and 18th.   

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