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Crown Lands Office Sensitizes Public on ‘correct procedures’ for Development of Crown Property

PRESS RELEASE: Monday, August 21, 2017-As part of the Crown Lands Office on-going educational thrust and in an effort to ensure the proper development of Crown property, the public is advised that the correct procedure to obtain permission to use, lease or buy Crown lands is as follows:

Step One: Complete a Crown Lands Application form. The form can be collected from the Crown Lands Office, First Floor, Greene Building, Barnard Hill.

Step Two: Submit the completed application form along with a copy of a nationally issued photo-document (e.g. National Identification, Driver’s Licence, Passport).

Ensure that the postal address and telephone information provided on the completed form is correct and current.

Step Three: Crown Lands Office acknowledges receipt of the application and a response describing the investigation process is sent to the Applicant at the postal address provided on the completed application form.

Step Four: Crown Lands Office investigates the submitted application, which involves:

  • a site visit to determine the suitability of the application;
  • getting feedback and input from relevant Government and non-Governmental agencies (e.g.: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Natural Resources and Co-Operatives, Development Control Authority);
  • review of all proposed development plans to see whether the proposed application is consistent and well-matched with Government’s policy and development plans for the area.

Step Five: The Applicant is informed of the approval or non-approval of the application, in the instances where:

  • an application is not approved, the reasons for non-approval are provided.
  • an application is approved, the conditions of approval are provided and the Applicant is given an opportunity to accept or reject in writing within a given time-frame, the proposed conditions of approval.

The public is advised that a person must get permission to use Crown lands before building, occupying or clearing the lands for:

  • building of canteens, shops, caravans, bars and any other buildings;
  • building of houses, churches or any other buildings;
  • putting up of signs/advertisements, cell towers, billboards, notices;
  • placement of tents for crusades, sporting activities or any other activities;
  • planting and clearing of land for agriculture;
  • building of jetties;
  • construction of roads, footpaths, drains;
  • removal of sand from beaches and rivers;
  • use of the Queen’s Chain; and
  • another use or purpose.

For further information, kindly contact the Crown Lands Office at Greene Building, Barnard Hill, Castries, or National Insurance Building, Vieux Fort or 468-4478 or 454-6874.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives thanks the public in advance for their continued co-operation.


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