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National Security Minister Senator Hermangild Francis

Crime Symposium to signal hope and a new direction

The momentum is building as several stakeholders await the opportunity to dialogue with Government representatives in the first of a series of discussions on the all-important challenges of the crime situation confronting the country.

The troubling issue of the unprecedented homicide rate for 2017 and the underpinning issues will form a key part the dialogue.

Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Honourable Hermangild Francis says several burning issues will come under scrutiny.

“The agenda will include several broad-based topics such as the proliferation of gangs, illegal weapons, and youth at risk. We also have key presentations to be made by the Police just to highlight a few areas. We are encouraging all stakeholders who have been invited to make the effort to attend and to be heard at this symposium. Of course, the issue of National Security is a very pressing one and it has implications for the business sector, civil society, Government representatives and the wider public. We are looking forward to a very healthy level of engagement that would give hope to our nation and signal a new direction for us.”

The Crime symposium will take place on Friday, November 24, 2017 at the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy’s Conference Room at Union.


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