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Counterfeit EC Currency Notes in Circulation, ECCB urges Vigilance

ECCB Advisory on Counterfeit EC Currency Notes

The public is advised to be on the alert for counterfeit EC Currency notes, particularly during this time of heightened regional festivities. Vigilance should be exercised when conducting cash transactions to ensure the authenticity of notes.

Counterfeit notes do not have any value and it is a criminal offense to pass them on. If you encounter any suspicious looking note, take it to the ECCB Headquarters, any of the ECCB Agency Offices or the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) within your territory for assessment.

The features of authentic EC Currency notes are outlined on the ‘Take Note of Your EC Notes’ posters available on the Bank’s website – www.eccb-centralbank.org. Additional information on the subject of counterfeit notes can also be accessed via the Bank’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page – ECCB Connects.

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