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Cops Confirm 26th Recorded Homicide For 2016

37-year-old Elie Mathurin suffered a ruptured spleen with massive blood loss from blunt force abdominal trauma during a violent altercation on November 26th.

Despite four days in intensive care at hospital, Mathurin died on November 30th, becoming the 26th recorded homicide victim for 2016.

Police have detained a suspect assisting with homicide investigations.

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  1. Victoria Hospital is a Roach Motel,you check in but never check out. Horrible institution not even good to treat pets far less humans. All death announcements are from Victoria Hospital unless some choose to die at home rather than go there. The chicken head nurses both male and female the doctors are all in there for the same reason a pay check they have no empathy cold as freaking ice. May the young man RIP and you all so call nurses and doctors Rot In Hell for his death could of been avoided if only you all cared and treated him like a human not a piece of trash.

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