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Confusion at Newly Opened Royalton Hotel

Dozens of employees at the Royalton hotel in Cap Estate, Gros – Islet reportedly downed their tools in protest on July 25th.

The cause of the dispute is still emerging – However HTS News4orce understands, mainly kitchen staff has taken the industrial action reportedly due to a decision by senior management regarding an executive chef at the hotel.

Some Royalton staff also alleged that local senior management is being replaced with foreign personnel.

It’s a claim emphatically denied by management.

Royalton staff currently does not have labour union representation however, the National Workers Union [NWU] reported to the hotel in an attempt to assess the situation. 


Royalton management is expected to issue an official statement, clarifying the situation and addressing the action taken by the employees.

News4orce did obtain comment from the chef at the center of the dustup, Valmore Brown who confirmed accepting another position. According to Chef Brown, a miscommunication caused the employee uproar. [Listen below]

Royalton hotel, one of the largest in Saint Lucia, officially opened for business in February 2017.


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  1. Let’s fight 4 a better service charge, getting n hour break as stated in the contract,health insurance, pension plan why are these things not in place yet.Kitchen staff we fighting 4 the wrong reasons if we don’t check 4 us who is going to do it 4 us wise up my ppl.chef brown now u know what it feels to be on the other side of the fence u dug ur own grave.sixtus, urban,Shabba gud chefs u made lose their jobs n I cud mention a few more the world is a cycle chef brown read about it in the Good book cus when the rain falls it don’t fall on one man house.somebody told me brown almost cried I thought to my self the bully is being bullied I knew one day ur time will reach with that big ego of yours . One more thing St .lucians these hoteliers are taking us for a ride open urll eyes.

    • We need a minimus wage in lucia.. we are being taken for a ride by these hoteliers
      . Work yr ass off for 2u.s$ an hour..thats why we have so many more hotel coming in cause we are willing to work for nothing whilse they get rich off us.. we the staff make you a d we can break you too.. plus the goverment is to blame letting ppl like this come and invest in oir country and we work for only bus fare at the end of the fortniht.. you need to get a .minimun wage bill..

  2. u thought thinks were green at royalton… they actually brown like shit

  3. u better dont call sick if u working with so called chef valmont brown .. chikkingunya… lol get to work

  4. working with brown is like the 5 loaves and 2 fish in the bible…he want u feed 5000 with the little he give u

  5. well well mr brown i not surprise u like a black hitler…surprise u didnt get beat up yet after all the crappy u been doing to ur workers..but imsure that on thw way for u and the farget mike

  6. brown and his lil puppy mike time to get out…. go manage jails that what u two good at doing

  7. brown u an asshole of a chef worse chef i ever work with.. ask the man for a grater he tell me buy one at S&S. if i think he will order one from miami for me

  8. Nola supervisor from laundry should be replace, awefull. Petal your days should be #too. Am for st.Lucian’s but these two are awful, got to go, replace them.


  9. Lies.. he was coached to say this…. the idea was to get rid of him….

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