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Confusion at Newly Opened Royalton Hotel

Dozens of employees at the Royalton hotel in Cap Estate, Gros – Islet reportedly downed their tools in protest on July 25th.

The cause of the dispute is still emerging – However HTS News4orce understands, mainly kitchen staff has taken the industrial action reportedly due to a decision by senior management regarding an executive chef at the hotel.

Some Royalton staff also alleged that local senior management is being replaced with foreign personnel.

It’s a claim emphatically denied by management.

Royalton staff currently does not have labour union representation however, the National Workers Union [NWU] reported to the hotel in an attempt to assess the situation. 


Royalton management is expected to issue an official statement, clarifying the situation and addressing the action taken by the employees.

News4orce did obtain comment from the chef at the center of the dustup, Valmore Brown who confirmed accepting another position. According to Chef Brown, a miscommunication caused the employee uproar. [Listen below]

Royalton hotel, one of the largest in Saint Lucia, officially opened for business in February 2017.


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  1. Lucians….. complaining about work in St.Lucia, but giong to the US and have to work on “2” jobs to survive….and thats ok to them ?!?!

  2. EE, dont pretend like you were in suffering like other staff members. you were fired for threatening to hit a female coworker on the job. says alot about your character.

  3. Yes. I second the motion. That petal one is a devil. Acting all high and mighty. Her managerial skills suck! Insulting and making fun of her staff. The little 4.90 an hour the poor staff getting, making them work hard like slaves. Her days are numbered! Right now i dnt have a choice so inhave to see her every blasted day. I see how many ppl come and go in that laundry, as for royalton self. Wen staff join union..royalton go finnish. Dem low ass rates. 4.90. 5.19. 6.25. Superj staff getting more than that

  4. Lolol , the one fighting now are the one scared for their job after brown called them in from sandals.
    Some of you tend to forget that brown is a foreigner too , or is it a skin issue ? ,the Mexican not black enough , maybe he is better at his job
    Never take a job on a new property unless you don’t know anyone , most of them are leaving already and that’s the good one , HR had no clue probably a friend of someone .
    Like the guy above mentioned fight for better conditions , better pay ect, not for a staff who don’t give a fuck about you .
    He’s probably the new chef for the new Barbados sandals opening soon

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