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Concerned Citizens Protest DSH Project

Concerned citizens demonstrated outside parliament building on Tuesday in protest of the DSH agreement.
The protesters are demanding a full explanation from the government on the finer details on the scope of the project.

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  1. labor party vex they out of power yea yea yea boooooooooooooooo

  2. well it depends how many jobs will be created at the end of the day to many poor people suffering so much poverty thank god for china

  3. job creation the English will not do it not even the Americans job creation let the yen do its thing job creation food on the table the English will not invest not even the Americans let the Chinese yen do its thing for so long the English never do for so long the American never do let the yen create the job forget about how cheap the land is think of long term job creation

    • well my brother you right the English never invest the pound here not even the American us dollar yea thank god for china and god bless china, at the end of the day its job creation and the country needs to develop

      you all need to give the prime minster a chance

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