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CEO of Citizenship by Investment Unit Cindy McLean

CIU CEO “Not Aware” of Joint Statement

HTS News4orce has obtained exclusive comment from Chief Executive Officer of Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit [CIU], Cindy McLean on the recently published ‘joint statement’ with Invest Saint Lucia [ISL] on the status of the Desert Star Holdings [DSH] deal.

The statement from ISL issued on May 28th refuted claims by the Opposition Saint Lucia Labor Party [SLP] and former government Minister Richard Frederick that the DSH Agreement with the government had been rejected by CIU and ISL.

CEO of Citizenship by Investment Unit Cindy McLean

The CIU CEO confirmed to HTS News4orce that she was off island at the time when the ‘joint statement’ was published. McLean also informed News4orce that she, as CIU CEO was “not aware” of the statement.

Cindy McLean emphasized that it is strictly against CIU policy to publish or publicly disclose the status of ongoing negotiations with investors.

The DSH Agreement with the government is reportedly worth an estimated US $2.6 billion dollars. DSH led by Chairman Teo Ah Khing, is reportedly seeking approval from CIU to be an authorized CIP agent. Funding for the DSH project is expected to come from revenue derived from the sale of Saint Lucian citizenships.

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  1. So the money from selling citizenship goes to find the project. Smh I’m not against the idea of dsh but I believe we could’ve gotten a better deal

  2. No one is straight with the truth , you know why , those I charge have sold out , , the money is in their pockets , hard to give it back , be honest with the slician people and tell them the mistake you have made , and ask for help, or become an ass nd sell you land and heritage to the Chinese..Fool. !

  3. Oh what a tangled web we weave when we try to deceive. How can she keep a straight face. They are all singing for their supper. Remember her hubby was campaigning for SLP. Her mother is a big time UWP ask Chas. Ok, she needs to stop lying period.

    • @anonymous what that have to do with the statement?
      You sound like Arthur Jean
      Arthur is that you?

    • When will you all stop this shit. Her hubby was campaigning for SLP ….her mother is a big time UWP…… So what the hell is your point? The woman as a professional states that she is unaware of the statement. This is so disgusting that we have reached the point where when you make a statement you are not judged by what you have stated but you are judged by your PERCEIVED allegiance to a party. Nonsense! You dare not reveal your identity with such shit.

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