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City mayor warns against improper disposal of fat

The Mayor of Castries has warned food establishments in the city about the improper disposal of fat and the need for installation and maintenance of grease traps.

These observations were made while the Mayor, along with officials from his office, did a walk-through of the capital on Monday morning.

His Worship, Peterson D. Francis explained that, the messy and clogged drains outside the premises of some restaurants exacerbated an already compromised drainage system.

“We cannot continue to engage in practices that affect not only health and safety in the city, but can also have a damaging effect on the infrastructure of the city”. He continued, “In that vein we will be working with the Food Safety Unit of the Ministry of Health to ensure that there is full enforcement of the law”.

His Worship, while expressing concern about what he saw encouraged operators to install grease traps, adding that food establishments should take full responsibility for the installation and maintenance of their grease traps.

“You have to see the drains polluted with all the grease, oil and fat, creating a stench that is unbearable in various parts of Castries. As far as I am aware, there are public health regulations and as a result food establishments need to take these seriously. We will be dialoguing with the Ministry of Health to clamp down on those food establishments”, explained Mayor Francis.


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