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CIP Saint Lucia Issues Statement

Now CIP Saint Lucia has released a statement amid the controversy surrounding changes to the program.

The statement sought to clarify the conditions under which citizenship by investment decisions can be revoked.

It reads “in light of the recent press release regarding the citizenship by investment programme, please be informed that a citizenship by investment- once granted, may be revoked subject only to the provisions of section 38 (1) of the citizenship by investment act no.14 of 2015, on the following grounds: such registration as a citizen was obtained by false representation or fraud or wilful concealment of material facts, or the person has been convicted of an offence, or the person has performed any other act which, within the opinion of the minister, has the potential to bring disrepute to saint lucia.

The minister with responsibility for citizenship by investment shall in writing specify the grounds for the revocation of citizenship by investment and the individual whose citizenship has been revoked has the right of appeal to the high court.
Further, and with regard to the investment requirements, and as per section 38(7) of the interpretation act, all citizenships granted pursuant to the provisions of the statutory instrument no. 1 of 2017, shall remain valid, even if the citizenship amendment regulations are revoked and or replaced by any other regulations.
Agents, citizenship by investment applicants and other stakeholders can thus maintain confidence in the programme and be assured of its efficacy and certainty”.

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