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Chamber and Department of Commerce review Price Control List

(PRESS RELEASE) – Getting Down to Business remains the ethos of the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce, as on January 17th 2018 it continued its signature series, where work of a Review Committee tasked with reviewing and making recommendations on the long established Price Control List.

The Joint Committee comprises Members of the Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Commerce, Price Control Division. The Chamber, last year initiated the process by convening a series of engagements with the Ministry on this important issue. The First Meeting of the year saw the Committee “getting down to business” by examining the items on the list line by line and debating the relevance, need or otherwise of retaining them on the list.

It was a long productive meeting which will continue over the next few weeks and it is expected that the spirit of compromise and understanding showed by the Review Committee will continue. Next on the Review Committees’ agenda is another working meeting this time involving the Ministry of Agriculture and the Pesticides Control Board.

The Second Phase of the agreed process will have the Review Committee reviewing approved margins on the items on the list. The Price Control List Review Committee expects to have the substantive part of its work concluded by the end of March 2018.

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