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CGTI’S 4th Hot Topics Conference with Audit Committee Certification

PRESS RELEASE:-CGTI’S 4th Hot Topics Conference with Audit Committee Certification

After only three years, the Saint Lucia-based Caribbean Governance Training Institute (CGTI) is emerging as the premier governance training provider in the region, evidenced by the big name clients that are signing up for their programs. All members of the current Board of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank have taken the Chartered Directors (C.Dir) course in the past two years, as have a growing number of execs at Sandals International, including Deputy Chairman and CEO of the company, Adam Stewart.

CGTI continues to spread the message that sound corporate governance by a strong, educated and effective board is the key to the success of any organisation, and regional businesses are continuing to taking notice.
Last year, co-founding directors, Lisa Charles and Dr. Chris Bart, and the esteemed members of the CGTI faculty of governance experts, facilitated two separate Chartered Director Programmes for delegates from the Sandals Group of Companies in Jamaica and North America, which includes ATL Automotive, Jamaica Observer, Sandals Resorts International, Sandals Corporate University and Unique Vacations.

So far in 2017, the CGTI schedule has included return visits to Antigua and St. Kitts, as well as at home in Saint Lucia, where in January, eighty-five members of ‘senior management’ from government departments, including fourteen Cabinet ministers, fifteen Permanent Secretaries and twelve Board Chairpersons, came together in an unprecedented training exercise, becoming the world’s first government to be trained and certified as Chartered Directors (C.Dir).

Continuing to prove that board effectiveness is a priority for progressive organisations in the region, CGTI is set to deliver its ‘Fourth Annual Hot Topics In Corporate Governance Conference’ in July. The event to be held under this year’s title ‘The 21st Century Audit Committee Conference & Certification Program: New Challenges, Risks and Best Practices’, takes place on July 10-11 at Coco Palm Resort in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia.
For the first time, CGTI will focus on the skill set required to work and communicate effectively within one of the most important governance mechanisms in any organisation, by “raising the bar of professionalism in Audit Committees across the Caribbean.”

CGTI Lisa Charles & Dr Chris Bart

CGTI Lisa Charles & Dr Chris Bart

According to CGTI ‘Governance Guru’, Dr. Chris Bart: “This conference is among the most innovative and comprehensive programs on Audit Committee governance available in North America, delivered by top faculty and governance experts. Offering a ‘gold standard’ director education program enhances executive decision-making and adds unparalleled value for Audit Committees in the Caribbean.

“Delegates will strengthen their knowledge of what it means to become a more effective Audit Committee board member, using modern governance processes and tools that will transport their Audit Committee beyond mere compliance and help it capture opportunities that generate long-term value for the Board and the organisation.”

And if recent recommendations by both World Bank Group and International Development Bank (IDB) to the Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) region are anything to go by, in today’s corporate and political reality, improving the quality of governance is key, if not crucial, to achieving long term strategic goals.

In another first, CGTI is adding the chance for executives to become certified as Audit Committee Directors at the end of the 4th Hot Topics Conference. By writing and passing the two hour AUDIT COMMITTEE CERTIFICATION EXAM at the conclusion of the conference, Audit Committee Directors will earn the prestigious and highly coveted designation “Audit Committee Certified” or ACC.

CGTI’s Lisa Charles explains what it means to obtain the ACC certification: “It demonstrates your commitment to good governance and Audit Committee literacy. The initials ACC after your name will establish that as a member of your organisation’s Audit Committee, you have achieved the gold standard in 21st century Audit Committee learnings and best practices. Becoming “Audit Committee Certified” shows you have the knowledge and skills necessary for survival and success in our increasingly litigious and complex regulatory environment.”

This one-of-a-kind Caribbean corporate governance conference promises to assemble Audit Committee thought-leaders and practitioners to discuss the need for improved accountability through more relevant boardroom practices, nurturing key relationships, essential boardroom behaviours and culture.
For more information, please email: lisa@caribbeangovernancetraining.com or call 758 451 2500 / 487 2433 Visit the CGTI website for details: www.caribbeangovernancetraining.com.

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