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Ransomware On The Rise

The ICT association wants people to be on the lookout for the ransom-ware virus. The virus, which affects computers, normally attacks older operating systems. This comes in the wake of a global attack weeks ago.

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Local Pastors Slapped with Sex Charges

Two local pastors reportedly, have been charged with unlawful sexual connection and indecent assault. The charges were reportedly proffered by police between May 22nd and May 24th. Sources claim the victim is a member of the SDA church which the accused pastors preside over. One of the accused pastors is …

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Castries East MP Appeals for Calm in Marchand

Member of Parliament for Castries East Philip J. Pierre has responded to a recent spate of gun related crime which has gripped the Marchand community. In addition to his usual weekly constituency meetings, the Castries East MP included a walkthrough of the Marchand community to get firsthand accounts from residents …

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UWP condemns recent spate in gun violence

Press Release The United Workers Party supports government efforts to fight crime and is concerned about the recent upsurge in gun violence over the past few months especially last week where a total of 5 incidents occurred in and around the outskirts of Castries. We send out condolences to the …

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National Security Minister “worried” about Shootings

National Security Minister Senator Hermangild Francis expressed to HTS News4orce, the upsurge in gun relate crime ‘worries’ him. National Security Minister Francis says upsurge in shooting activity is being perpetrated by known criminal suspects. Reprisal attacks possible motive for shootings. Police force unfazed by IMPACS investigation. Police officers will apply …

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Former PM Demands Apology to Vieux-Fortians From PM Chastanet

Allen Chastanet must apologise to the people of Vieux Fort South for his degrading utterances at the public meeting of the United Workers Party, held on May 17, 2017, at the Vieux Fort Square. So says the Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony. On several occasions …

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