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January 26th 2016 Gender-Based Harassment Training

Saint Lucia played host to the Parlamericas inter-parliamentary meeting. Palamericas is the network of national legislatures of the Organization of American States members. Member states aim to draft an action plan that will tackle political harassment and violence against women.

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January 26th 2016 US Zoo Provides Fer-De-Lance Training

Do you know the difference between the fer-de-lance and the boa constructor and what measures to take if you cross paths with them? The forestry department and Saint Lucia national trust in collaboration with the Kentucky reptile zoo have the answers to these questions. They are spreading the word through …

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January 26th 2016 National Drought Training Workshop

Met officers and water management officials from the OECS are meeting in Saint Lucia, hoping to enhance their drought monitoring and early warning systems. The 4-day meeting comes as the region braces for more intense dry periods. Organisers are hoping that the talks will spur the drafting of national drought …

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January 22nd 2016 Earl Huntley On Contentious Haiti Elections

Former CARICOM ambassador to Haiti earl Huntley left St. Lucia for Haiti as part of an elections observer mission. Originally scheduled for December 27th, presidential runoff elections in the politically troubled country will take place on January 24th. Amid growing allegations of electoral fraud, Huntley says ideally the polls should …

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January 22nd 2016 Police on Accident & Track Statistics

Last week, the RSLPF revealed the statistics for fatal crashes, collisions, and ticketing offenses. The figures released indicated that 2015 saw a drastic reduction in fatal crashes whilst the most common offense committed by drivers was improper parking.

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January 22nd 2016 Walcott Brothers Festival

Saint Lucia’s youth have been portraying their talents in song, dance and theatre this week, taking to the stage for Nobel laureate week 2016 activities. On Wednesday, primary and secondary school students from across St. Lucia brought their passion for the arts to the national cultural centre for the Walcott …

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