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February 16th 2016 National Vision Commission Continue Meetings

The governor general – her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, officially swore in the national vision commission back in 2014. Since then, the commissioners have visited communities across to interact with Saint Lucians from all walks of life. With the first draft of the vision report due this summer, the commission …

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February 12th 2016 IMF Hails Economic Growth

Directors of the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have welcomed the “recent uptick in economic activity and the positive short-term outlook [of the Saint Lucian economy] on the back of stronger tourist arrivals and lower oil prices.” According to the IMF, “GDP growth reached 0.5 percent in …

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February 12th 2016 Independence City 37 Plans Underway

Organizers of Saint Lucia’s 2016 independence celebrations promise to promote local talent. Saint Lucian’s will participate in a series of activities from street parades to concerts and cultural expositions. For 2016, the nation celebrates under the theme –“the journey continues”.

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February 12th 2016 Mixing Politics And Religion

An individual’s religious views and convictions often guide decision making. Ahead of an election campaign, the issue of mixing politics and religion tends to emerge, particularly when Christians vow to run a ‘clean’ campaign and raise the standard of political debate. A local religious minister says politics is open to …

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February 11th 2016 Old Boys Exalt SMC On 125 Years

The Mindoo Phillip Park was teeming with nostalgia on Thursday as St. Mary’s college held their 114th sports meet. The storied institution now in its 125th year invited generations of old boys to the event. This year, the school introduced a 150-meter race to commemorate another capstone moment in the …

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February 10th 2016 Debating GMO Regulations

Saint Lucia is hosting a regional seminar to equip decision-makers from 11 Caribbean countries, with the tools to make technical and scientific decisions, related to the use and importation of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). It brings together experts in health, commerce, agriculture and sustainable development.

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