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Augier Combined Issues Finally Resolved?

Education minister Dr. Robert Lewis is informing parents that the Augier Combined School will re-open on Monday 25th April 2016. The school was closed last month to address a number of environmental concerns over nearby chicken farms. HTS Newforce first reported on the re-location of one of those farms during …

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Taboo Carnival Band Launch

Taboo carnival will be playing mas’ for the first time. The intimate VIP band is portraying ‘essence of the coalescing zodiac’ for 2016.

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April 18th 2016 Augier Combined Issues Finally Resolved?

The long-standing issue of the stench and flies from a nearby farm disrupting classes at the Augier Combined School has been resolved. On Monday April 18th, officers of the ministry of agriculture, with police escort, removed the chickens from the Augier farm and relocated them to an undisclosed location. The …

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April 18th 2016 Push For Multicopter/Drone Regulation

Remotely piloted aircraft or drones have flown into the local commercial market. However, one local radio control club is raising awareness on the importance of the safer use of the high-flying devices. The president of the “wing and hull” club tells HTS News4orce, that regulation is crucial to ensure public …

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April 18th 2016 Jeanine Compton To Contest Micoud North

Ex-UWP Micoud North MP Jeannine Compton-Antoine will make a second bid as an independent candidate to represent Micoud north. Compton-Antoine says this time, she is part of a ‘people’s movement’ for change. She says it’s time to bring back solid representation to the Micoud north constituency.

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April 18th 2016 UWP Holds National Day Of Prayer

Both the incumbent and the opposition continue to incorporate religion in the search for answers to social and public policy challenges facing Saint Lucia. This past weekend, the united workers party invited Saint Lucians to a national day of prayer. The event, which resembled a Christian revival, was filled with …

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