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Caribbean Rastafarians Talk Reparations

The Caribbean Rastafari Organisation (CRO) has ended 3 days of discussion in Saint Lucia, with renewed commitment to supporting the reparations movement, and participating in Rastafarian issues on the global stage.
The meeting was held in the south of Saint Lucia from June 3rd to 5th.
Chairman of the organisation bongo wisely Tafari says compensation for slavery is a must and the Rastafarian body is determined to ensure that the movement for reparations does not lose steam.

Ras bongo is appealing to members of the public to acquaint themselves with the issues of reparations.
Repatriation is also high on the organization’s agenda. He says anyone interested in repatriation to Africa can log on to reparationsforsettlement.net to get more information and register for the cause.

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