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Caribbean Doctors Association donate ventilator to Victoria Hospital

[Press Release] The Caribbean Doctors Association, (CDA), a French registered nonprofit association, made a donation of a ventilator to the Victoria Hospital (VH) on Friday 20th April.

The ventilator is expected to go into use immediately at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital.

According to a Ministry of Health release, with the number of road accidents and violent acts occurring on island, the Victoria Hospital, particularly the Intensive Care Unit is under tremendous pressure to preserve the lives of its many clients.

The release noted that one of the key live saving pieces of equipment under constant use within this unit is a ventilator – a machine designed to help a patient breath by moving air into and out of the lungs.

In making Friday’s donation in conjunction with the University Hospital of Martinique, Secretary General of the CDA, Keats Compton, said the ventilator was one of several presented to the health service is Saint Lucia.

“This is not a one off; we’ve made several of these presentations in the past and it is something that we continue to do. Most persons would not have heard of the Caribbean Doctors Association as I said it’s a French registered organization but I am the only non-doctor in it. I look after logistics. There are St. Lucian doctors, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French and there are even a couple of African doctors in there.  Our aim is to promote socio-medico interventions in disaster recovery,” Compton explained.

He disclosed that the CDA helped out in Dominica after Erica by sending supplies.

“Again we work in conjunction with the Lamina Hospital in Martinique to get much needed emergency supplies in the immediate aftermath of a disaster,” Compton observed.

ICU Consultant at Victoria Hospital, Doctor Tracey Spencer said the ventilator will go into immediate use as the numbers of chronically ill patients have increased.

“We work in an environment where we constantly need equipment and we constantly need that liaison between the two hospitals and today we are very, very grateful for the addition of this ventilator. It is a life saving piece of equipment and we really appreciate it. Again we would just like to extend our thanks to them.”

Brenda Calixte, Executive Director at VH also expressed gratitude to the CDA for the donation while outlining the real cost of the ventilator.

“Such a piece of equipment would cost in the region of forty to fifty thousand Euro. So it’s very good for us to have it and we are extremely grateful for it. So once again on behalf of the department of Health, the management and staff of Victoria Hospital, I would like to say thank you very much for that donation,” Calixte said.

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