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Cannabis Movement ‘getting mixed signals’, wants statement from PM


In light of the fact that the annual CARICOM Heads submit is rapidly approaching in July of this year, where the CARICOM Cannabis Commission will be presenting their recommendations, as well as the fact that Canada will also be legalizing federally in July, plus statements made by both Prime Ministers’ Ralph Gonsalves and Gaston Browne to the effect that they will be reforming their cannabis laws, the Cannabis Movement of Saint Lucia is requesting of Hon. Allen Chastanet  to make a public statement making the intentions of this administration known regarding cannabis law reform.

As stated in an earlier news brief, the Cannabis Movement is said to be getting mixed signals regarding the intentions of this administration and need them to clarify. These are the reasons for saying so:        

  1. The original members of the local cannabis commission created by Mr Hermingale Francis and presented to cabinet in January 2017 were rejected by members of his own cabinet, even though the members of the original commission were all experts in the field.
  2. No budgetary allocations were put in place in order for the new commission created in March 2017, to do the work that they were meant to do. As a result, minimal work was done by the commission for the year.
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not adequately facilitate the mandated visit by the CARICOM Cannabis Commission in September of 2017. The commission was able to visit nine other territories without a hitch except Saint Lucia because of Ministry administrative facilitation.
  4. There has been no interest shown by the Ministry of Agriculture even though cannabis cultivation is one of the biggest agricultural trends worldwide.

The reformation of cannabis laws was a campaign promise and it is uncontainable that this administration would not follow through with that promise after being elected.

The Cannabis Movement is eagerly awaiting a public response from the Prime Minister.

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