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Brand Saint Lucia scores top marks at Burton Agnes Jazz & Blues Festival

PRESS RELEASE:-Performers return amidst high praise, and with glowing reviews

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia, July 10, 2017; From performing to visual artists to the Saint Lucia culinary experience at the Burton Agnes Jazz Festival, indications are that Brand Saint Lucia distinguished itself at the June 30 – July 2, 2017 in the United Kingdom. According the Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) the UK experience was only positive in most instances, and exceeded expectations in others, sentiments also expressed by the organisers of the Festival.

“So many of our festival goers spontaneously said how much the Saint Lucian presence had added to the festival, and contributed to it being one of the best of our ten years of festivals,” said Simon Culiffe-Lister, host and organizer of the Burton Agnes Jazz Festival.

Band leader of the Rupert Lay Jazz Quarter also observed the Saint Lucian offering was sufficiently diverse to create high level of interest on both days of the festival. Saint Lucia’s participation resulted from connections forged during the Specialty Caribbean EXPO 2017, and took the form of main stage performances by The Rupert Lay Quartet, Dynamix Band, Claudia “The Diva” Edwards and Chrycee, as well as a Food and Beverage experience and the art of Luigi St. Omer and Ron Henry on display. “Our local artists did us proud with their wonderful musical performances and the magnificent artwork now being displayed in the Burton Agnes Hall Gallery. The Saint Lucian music was tremendously well received.” Andrena Simon, TEPA’s Senior Client Manager – Marketing & Promotions confirmed.

Ms. Simon said that it has been gratifying for TEPA on this inaugural cultural promotion mission, to observe the entire party rising to the task “being truly fantastic ambassadors for the island”. This she said was evident beyond the quality of performances but in “the extra mile joining in with impromptu performances, and providing live music and interviews for the regional BBC radio broadcast on the Friday afternoon”.

In a thank you message received by TEPA from Chrycee who travelled on to Denmark and Sweden the as opening act at other events, she echoed further endorsement of the success of the mission. She described the experience as “phenomenal”, based on her own experience, feedback from individual patrons and event coordinators and requests for our return next year.  “I have absolutely no doubt that for all of us, our performance at this renowned festival will assist greatly in pushing our careers even further” she added.

Over the course of the first few days of the Festival TEPA reports that Ron Henry’s art within the Burton Agnes Gallery had already began to generate sales. This constitutes the artist’s first international exhibition.  The work of Ron Henry and Luigi St Omer will remain on display with option to sell for three months.

On the food and Beverage front, Ms. Simon also reported that our Saint Lucian Chairman’s Rum cocktails and Saint Lucian inspired festival food like the Saint Lucian Expresso and Hot Chocolate made with Chairman’s Reserve Spice Rum were also very popular.

Supporting TEPA in this landmark venture are the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce,  Saint Lucia National Lottery, Harry Edwards Jewellers, BOSLIL Bank Ltd and the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government. Ms. Simon went on to say that with the three-month run of the art exhibition at the Burton Agnes Hall, TEPA hopes to be able to mobilize additional support to increase the number of Saint Lucian visual artists showcased.

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