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Bradford Swain partner with Youth Council for ‘inspirational’ business support

[Press Release]  Entrepreneurs and the business community are invited to get involved in a new initiative aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial mindset in St Lucia.

This June, UK and US based youth social enterprise agency Bradford Swain will visit St Lucia and host an inspirational programme of business support for young entrepreneurs on the island. In partnership with the National Youth Council, the programme will include business planning support, marketing and branding advice, mentorship and an opportunity to network with the community and grow a business.

Bradford Swain is an agency based out of the UK and US which focuses on delivering social entrepreneurship support, particularly for young people. It was co-founded by London-based Queen’s Young Leader Adam Bradford and creative entrepreneur Jordan Anthony Swain.

The agency has joined forces with the National Youth Council and worked closely with St Lucia based Queen’s Young Leader Ajani Lebourne and Wilton Jeremie, of the St Lucia Youth Business Trust.

On the announcement of the partnership, Ajani Lebourne, Second Vice-President of the National Youth Council, said: “The Start Up, Brand Out collaboration comes at a critical juncture where the country is seeking solutions to the unemployment crisis. By building the capacity of young entrepreneurs to efficiently market and grow their businesses, we create a climate which values start ups. Bradford Swain offers a key opportunity for youth to branch out into “social entrepreneurship” and contribute to community development.

Adam Bradford, from Bradford Swain, added: “We really want to be able to bring tools and techniques we have learned from the work we have been doing internationally to a community who is ready to embrace entrepreneurship. We know there is an appetite for young people to create their own jobs in the region so, by working with local agencies like the National Youth Council and others in the voluntary sector, we are proud to collaborate on a concept which will deliver powerful advice and guidance to young people across the island.”

To find out more information or to get involved, please contact connect@bradfordswain.com.

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