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The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations wishes to inform the public of the commencement of the Annual Book Bursary Programme for 2017 catering to Infant and Primary School students.  The book distribution will run from July 10 to August 4, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily.



This year, the distribution and collection of books will be done per District at the District Offices with the exception of Districts I and 3 which will be done at the Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School for District I and for District 3 at the R.C. Boys’ Primary School. 



Parents/Guardians are to take note of the following:-



  1. All books being returned are to be in proper condition;
  2. The Report Book of the child/children/ward is up to date to reflect child’s progress;
  3. Present the child/children/ward Book List;
  4. Is in possession of last year’s Contract Form if the child is continuing on the programme;
  5. The Bursary Application Form from their Parliamentary Representative if it is a new applicant or a Letter of Recommendation.
  6. Letter of Authorization if you are acting on behalf of someone.


Please note that collection and distribution of books is being done per district and no-cross district distribution will be entertained unless a valid excuse is presented.   Members of the public are asked to note the dates the team will be at the various district offices/schools to ensure their needs are catered for.

For further information and clarification, please contact the Student Welfare Officer, Education Office District 2, Sans Souci, telephone numbers 468-5443/5441.


JULY 10 TO JULY 21, 2017

DISTRICT 5 [July 20 – 21, 2017]

  1. Aux Lyons Combined School
  2. Dennery Infant School
  3. Dennery Primary School
  4. Derniere Riviere Combined School
  5. La Ressource Combined School
  6. Micoud Infant School
  7. Micoud Primary School
  8. Mon Repos Combined School
  9. Patience Primary School
  10. Richfond Combined School
  11. Ti-Rocher Combined School

 DISTRICT 6 [July 14 & 19, 2017]

  1. Augier Combined School
  2. Belle Vue Combined School
  3. Blanchard Combined School
  4. Desruisseaux Combined School
  5. Grace Combined School
  6. Pierrot Combined School
  7. Plain View Combined School
  8. Vieux Fort Infant School
  9. Vieux Fort Primary School
  10. Vige Combined School

DISTRICT 7 [July 12 – 13, 2017]

  1. Banse La grace Combined School
  2. Delcer Combined School
  3. Dugard Combined School
  4. Laborie Boys’ Primary School
  5. Laborie Girls’ Primary School
  6. Piaye Combined School
  7. Mongouge Combined School
  8. Reunion Primary School
  9. Riviere Doree Combined School
  10. Saltibus Combined School

DISTRICT 8 [July 10 – 11 2017]

  1. Bouton Combined School
  2. Canaries Infant School
  3. Canaries Primary School
  4. Ciceron Primary School
  5. Fond St. Jacques Primary School
  6. Les Etangs Combined School
  7. Soufriere Infant School
  8. Soufriere Primary School


JULY 24 TO AUGUST 4, 2017

DISTRICT 1 [August 3 – 4, 2017]             

  1. Monchy Primary School
  2. Grande Riviere Primary School
  3. Gros Islet Infant School
  4. Gros Islet Primary School
  5. Babonneau Primary School
  6. Balata Primary School
  7. Boguis Primary School
  8. Des Barras Primary School
  9. La Guerre Primary School
  10. Fond Assau Primary school
  11. Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School

 DISTRICT 2 [July 31 & August 2, 2017]

  1. Vide Bouteille Primary School
  2. Carmen Rene Memorial School
  3. Camille Henry Memorial School
  4. Gordon & Walcott Memorial School
  5. Anglican Infant School
  6. Anglican Primary School
  7. Morne Du Don Primary School

 DISTRICT 3 [July 26 – 28, 2017]

  1. Ave Maria Girls’ Infant School
  2. Ave Maria Girls’ Primary School
  3. Bocage Primary School
  4. Aloysius R. C. Boys’ Infant School
  5. Aloysius R.C. Boys’ Primary School
  6. Marchand Primary School
  7. Ti-Rocher [Castries] Primary School
  8. Forestierre Primary School

DISTRICT 4 [July 24 – 25, 2017]

  1. Anse La Raye Infant School
  2. Anse La Raye Primary School
  3. Bexon Infant School
  4. Bexon Primary School
  5. Ciceron Primary School
  6. La Croix Maingot Primary School
  7. Millet Infant School
  8. Millet Primary School
  9. Odsan Primary School
  10. Roseau Primary School




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