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Peter & Company Distribution Ltd HQ

Bomb Threat Affected Peter & Company Distribution

By 12:00 noon Tuesday, Cul de Sac located Peter & Company Distribution Ltd was a ghost town.

Management took the decision to shut down the Main office of the distribution chain as a result of a bomb scare.

According to staff members who spoke to News 4orce off camera, a call was made to the company at about 10:30am indicating that a bomb was planted in the building.

PCD’s emergency protocol was immediately activated, whereby both the Saint Lucia Fire Service and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force were summoned to the scene.

The other part of that protocol involved the evacuation and assembly of members of staff at the designated assembly point.

Staff waited there while emergency responders and police scoured the building, performing their respective duties.

However, with Saint Lucia still feeling some effects of the tropical system storming its way through the region, rain came down.

As a result, staff was sent home- even before the inspection by police was completed.

As for the police, the result was essentially the same as previous bomb scares which they have had to attend to – no explosives found.

Our cameras arrived just as the main doors to the building were being locked.

One of the employees who remained on the compound expressed his displeasure at the chain of events, remarking that the company is forfeiting yet another day of productivity because of the prank call.

Another was of the belief that the call may have been placed by or on behalf of an employee who may not have been inclined to report for work on Tuesday.

Prank calls have been a pet peeve of both police and fire officials who have complained about the strain on resources whenever they respond to bomb threats.

Government offices, banks and even the courts have constantly fallen victim to bomb threats, which turn out to be prank calls.

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