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Bois Den Still A Safe Community

Despite the infamous January 8th, 2017, ‘Bloody Sunday’ triple homicide at bois den, Jacmel, one community activist is assuring the public that the neighborhood is safe.
Bois den residents are planning a vigil for the three slain community members as police investigations continue.

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  1. Joycelyn colon

    Need help. I have my own story to tell. can Mrs Alison contact me.

  2. The St. Lucia Police Force, should realize the time are changing and they have to start thinking ahead of this new generation make better preparations increase security, use X police as informers and neighbors as under covers, protect them by assuring their names will remain unanimous fellow every leeds emediately, that will make them more secured, go after those criminals with a perpus put a stop let St.Luicians and visitors live without fear, there are only a few let the great majority help I know most of them will let them gain your trust and get all those bad apples from the good, I pray you all will not by yourself but with the help of the people, good luck. Tony Sonson, Houston, Tx.

  3. Primus Hutchinson

    He will be forever missed..was an outstanding young man in the community.

    NB. Plz be advised that the name is spelled “Bois D’ Inde not Bois Den.

  4. the question is where is all this guns coming from plus the drugs there seem to be a total deterioration in social standards, to many young people just ideal

  5. Innocent souls lost. These ppl coming from other parts of the island to mess up the other communities. Some of the young men from the community wants to be followers of these ppl and therefore bringing them in and when problem arise thats the ens result.

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