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Bannanes Bay Sea Defense Project

[Press Release] The Department of Infrastructure Ports and Energy is reporting significant progress on the Bannanes Bay Sea Defense Project.

The project which is nearing completion, replaced a damaged culvert and repair the battered coastline.

This project like the many ongoing around the island are examples where the Department of Infrastructure is building better and more resilient infrastructure to respond to the changing times.

During heavy rains the culvert at Bannanes Bay collapsed causing deterioration of the coastline. This failure threatened to compromise the road network and presented a hazard for motorists and pedestrians.

The Bannanes Bay Sea Defense Project remedies this situation.

Civil Engineer attached to the Department of Infrastructure, Port and Energy Miss Naiomi Cheery says the project is designed to rebuild better and more resilient infrastructure to withstand the rigors of climate change and the growing demands of the population.

Technical staff from the Department of Infrastructure conduct routine monitoring and inspection on the project site to ensure contractors adhere to the requirements as detailed in the contract.

The Civil Engineer says the Department of Infrastructure view quality control as a top priority. She says the aim is to ensure taxpayers get value for money and a quality job on all projects.

The Bannanes Bay Sea Defense Project is scheduled to be completed by March 31, 2018.

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